Winter Wedding? We warmly welcome you

Winter Wedding Venue London

Winter weddings, for the colder months here at Gray’s Inn we envision romance and elegance from glistening decor to fabulous fabrics! Warming fires and hot toddies. We have listed our favourite three elements to incorporate into your London Winter wedding, which will have you in love with the idea of this cosy season.

Winter Wedding Woolies

When better than to gift your loved ones with small gestures that will see them through the colder times. Dressing your wedding space with pashminas, cushions, candle light and other cosies create a cute & quirky atmosphere as well as a great way to show your guests how warm and fuzzy they make you feel. There’s a lot you can do with wooly essentials – from blankets as chair décor or slippers for those who can no longer dance all night in heels!

Cocktails with a spin!

Mulled wine? Yes – these are great winter warmers for those who appreciate a delicious hot drink, but after dinner is when the party starts! Tea, coffee and petit fours typically follow dinner – but have you considered Espresso Martinis to join? This classic cocktail adds a great spin to a traditional wedding breakfast – quirky, elegant & sure to satisfy all.

Check out for details on this tasty cocktail.

 Bring the outside in

With it being a colder time, you are of course much less likely to enjoy the outside on your big day, so we say bring the outside in! The different textures found in the open outdoors, for example wooden stumps, can be glammed up to present your wedding cake. Alternatively you could even consider wooden crates for casual seating during the drinks reception. Our Great Hall dressed in oak panelling would only further compliment rich and rustic accessories.

Hopefully these few winter wedding ideas can act as inspiration for your upcoming big day, you’re sure to have a magical one. Why not start the new year as newlyweds with ideas that think outside the box, a winter wedding should definitely be on your wish list! How can we help create your perfect day? Get in touch!