Summer is coming – How to find your perfect party venue

Summer Party Venues London, Covent Garden Area

We know that for many of you winter has come, but the truth is that outside Westeros… summer is just around the corner! Finding the perfect spot for your company summer party or your own celebration can leave you rather overwhelmed. London is a big city and deciding what venue is ‘The One’ is not as easy as it looks. We know how important it is for you to design an event that will create a fun and memorable experience for your guests – this is what a summer party is about, after all! So, we want to help you out with some top tips to keep in mind while undergoing your research – let’s start!

Think practical

You think you have found that perfect venue, with the secret gardens you were looking for… but wait, it’s in the country-side! You want your guests to feel like they’re living a summer dream with the perfect venue just a hop from a tube or train station.

Your party location is key to having a good turn out and Central London is always a safe choice. However, don’t forget: you are still aiming for that private and idyllic atmosphere, away from the city hustle!

As we are based in the heart of London, we are pretty privileged to be able to offer our clients a hidden 5-acre private garden within walking distance from three tube lines and two train stations.

Look for versatility

Your next summer party is probably not the first one your guests have been to – as many Londoners, they’ve probably “been there and done that…”. A standard, impersonal event is not going to win them over, so get creative! Brainstorm with your colleagues and come up with fun concepts to transform your event into a glittery festival, a Tex-Mex fiesta or a grown-up fun fair with rides and bouncy castles!

There are endless options, but you need to make sure you find the right venue that can support your imaginative ideas. For example, ask what kind of entertainment and branding is allowed and if food and drinks can be themed to create a fully immersive experience.

Here at Gray’s Inn, there is definitely all the space and flexibility you need to bring your fantasy world to life! And our experienced team of event planners and chefs can help design your own personalised menu and cocktails.

Be ready for all weathers

It’s great fun to get creative and think about all the outdoor activities you can organise – however, you have to take the moody British weather into consideration and know what to do in case of rain (unfortunately the sun dance doesn’t work, trust us, we tried it!).

Ask the venues what indoor space they can offer and make your guests feel they are still at the ultimate summer party, even when the sun is not shining.

Luckily for us, we can offer the perfect plan B: we have an elegant and sleek luxury marquee (already included in your summer package!) sat within our gardens. It can host more than 650 people standing inside and has all sorts of perks: built-in cloakroom, luxury toilets, green room and a separate area with dance floor, where your guests can dance all night long! It doesn’t sound too bad as a back-up plan, does it?

Still looking for your summer party venue? You may be in luck as we have a few dates left! Get in touch today and let us help you plan the perfect event!