It’s Time to Q&A, Episode 5

An Interview With Hannah Lewis

Q – What’s your role in the event industry and when did you first start?

A – I currently work as Sales and Events Manager for eve, focusing on the wedding strategy for the brand as well as supporting the portfolio of venues with their wedding offerings. I began my career at OXO2 as an Events Assistant, followed by my dream role at Dartmouth House as a Wedding Sales Executive. This venue was completely my style with a beautiful grand staircase and ornate ceilings. The venue was always an easy sell for me because I could imagine myself getting married there, I felt so lucky to work on so many stunning weddings with some of the industries best suppliers. This is where I made great connections that still help me out today.


Q – After working across lots of eve venues, which is your favourite and why?

A – I love Chiswick House and Gardens! Although still in London, there is a real sense of calmness as if you have been whisked away to the countryside. The outdoor ceremony location is one of dreams. With a naturally created impressive aisle, couples can take in the moment as the meet to so I do.


Q – What do you love the most about wedding industry?

A – There is a real sense of community between suppliers, venues and planners. Taking a collaborative approach always produces the best weddings for couples. Being a part of one of the most important days of peoples lives is so special, it’s so joyous to be witness there happiness at the end of the journey.


Q – What was the most challenging emergency you were faced with at a wedding?

A – I always seem to have trouble with cakes, often not turning up on time. Perhaps not the most challenging but a moment I’ll never forget is when the whole party were having a group photo on the landing of the staircase where the cake was being displayed. They had to surround the cake to all fit in the photo, but one guest knocked the table. A guest behind, caught the cake and left it with some pretty deep hand imprints.

Gray's Inn

Q – When does the engagement season start?

A – Engagement season begins in November, peaking in December. The top day for couples searching for wedding venues is boxing day. This continues into February with valentines day. There will then be a smaller spike in engagements in July/August as people pop the question on their summer holidays.


Q – What do you find most rewarding about working as a wedding coordinator?

A – It will always be the joy of couples and guests, especially when they first see the room all set up and decorated.


Q – When should couples start planning and what should be their first steps?

A – I have turned weddings around in a matter of weeks so there is no set timeframe but I would recommend starting by setting a budget 12 – 18 months and setting around 40% -50% of this on your venue & catering. This should be the first thing you book.


Q – How do you ensure your wedding reflects your unique style and vision?

A – Trends come and go so I would recommend trying not to get caught up on what’s trending on Instagram and Pinterest at that time. Stick to styles and colours that you have always loved and feel timeless to you. Research your suppliers and pick likeminded people, your vision can then come to life with ease.


Q – What does your ideal wedding look like?

A – I’ll admit I’m not afraid to be the centre of attention so I wouldn’t keep things low key. I think the thing that makes a wedding memorable is having amazing entertainment and keeping guests surprised. For me this would involve lot’s of dancing and music!


Q – Where would be your ideal wedding venue?

A – I would love a venue with beautiful, ornate architecture! An allowance to keep the party going late would be a bonus!.

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