It’s Time to Q & A, Episode 4

An interview with Gray's Inn Venue Sales Team

Why Events?

Krity: Bringing someone else’s vision to life and creating the magic.

Ruta: It’s never the same, you get to meet people from all different kind of backgrounds, and you get to see what people come up with.

Parveen: Loved being surrounded by busy-ness, energy and hype and being in an atmosphere where there is a lot going on. Attending lots of live events and seeing those special memories being made for so many people made me want to be in a team to organise such events.  

Livia: To connect with people, to share experiences and to create lasting memories.

What drew you to applying for a role at the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn?

Krity: To work for a historical venue and to be bale to be part of the next generation as this is an organisation for trainee and qualified Barristers.

Ruta: The historic part of the venue.

Parveen: The variety of events Gray’s Inn host and be able to experience a bit of everything.

Livia: Its rich history and adaptability, allowing for a diverse range of events to take place.

Most memorable team moment since you started?

Krity: Winning bronze in the LVA awards – this was the moment that defined the team the best in all the efforts.

Ruta: Attending the Coronation Dinner with the benchers and members of the Inn.

Parveen: Winning bronze in the London venue & catering awards, 


What has been you most memorable work moment in your career?

Krity: The opportunity to have planned and executed three dinner boxing events whilst also running the food pass during service.

Ruta: Opening the Mondrian London Hotel in Sea Containers Building with an amazing group of people.

Parveen: Now I finally have 1 year of an events career it’s got to be contracting my first Christmas Party. With the client being so fun to work with alongside the efficiency and organisation from both sides, really made the planning run smoothly. Lots of nice money too!

Livia: Being introduced to events world.

What has been your most memorable event so far during your time at the Inn?

Krity: Corporate Summer Marquee booking that was circus themed. The booking pushed he limits of the team with the production and ensuring all approval and access was granted.

Ruta: The weddings I helped to organise for all my wedding couples.

Parveen: Rathbone Summer Party! This was insane to see from an outside perspective. It was just what i envisioned a cracking corporate London vibes party! All the entertainment and modern aspects with the marquee was so refreshing to see in such a historic venue. It really brought a youthful and upbeat energy to what the venue is used to. 

Livia: The first Guest Night. It was my first time when I could see bits of Gray’s Inn traditions.

What makes a great team?

Krity: Playing to the strengths of the team to execute all tasks, supporting each other and like a jigsaw ensuring we work together to build the pieces for success.

Ruta: Lots of laugh, helping and supporting each other daily.

Parveen: Understanding each other’s personalities and work-style preferences. Communication, collaboration, roles as well as leadership.

Livia: Communication, collaboration and fun times

Describe your team in 3 words?

Krity: Passionate, quirky, strong

Ruta: Quirky, warm, amazing

Parveen: Passionate, energetic, positive.

Livia: Dynamic, strong, fun

What is the best feature of the Venue?

Krity: The hall and the traditional feel and magical Harry Potter esk feel.

Ruta: Beautiful features throughout the main building, with so much history and stories to tell. Not to forget, 5 acres of maintained gardens by our wonderful Jason and Kathleen gardeners.

Parveen: History, it’s what sells the venue. The uniqueness is why clients gravitate towards us as there are features which no other venues in central London have. 

Livia: The 5 acres garden, not only for summer parties but also open to the public during lunchtime. I love the dynamic atmosphere during summertime.

What is your key tip for all event planners?

Krity: Calm, collective and think outside the box. Take a moment as each scenario is simply resolved. Keep it simple

Ruta: Take a step back when tasks overwhelm you and look from afar how to tackle it in the most efficient way.

Parveen: Develop strong relationship with agencies. They can bring in lots of events. 

Livia: Pay attention to details.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Krity: Mentoring a team that can bring the vision to life

Ruta: Making my clients happy and bringing their long-planned events to life.

Parveen: Marketing. I love having the social media platforms to share moments of the venue in an upbeat way. Reaching younger audiences and getting them excited to be creative and bring different new ideas and trends at an event to the historic venue. 

Livia: With every event I plan/coordinate, I create experiences that people will remember.

Describe your manager in 3 words?

Krity: Experienced, funny, determined

Ruta: Smart, savvy, very funny

Parveen: Determined, dedicated, empathetic.

Livia: Supportive, dedicated, sincere

Funniest moment as a team?

Krity: the professional followed by hysterical support that occurs more often in the office. This always leads to hysterics and other teams staying away from our office.

Ruta: Every team night out that not all the details can be spoken outside the night out 😃

Parveen: Tooooooo many. 4pm on a Friday hysteric never fails to make me laugh. 

Livia: When we went ice skating.

Team moto?

Krity: If you don’t know, don’t worry

Ruta: Team moto? – If you don’t know, don’t worry

Parveen: If you don’t know, don’t worry. (I made the office listen to too much Fred again)

Livia: Have fun no matter what

Tips for anyone wanting to start in the industry?

Krity: patience and drive, ensuring you always work as a team and never leave anything to the last moment. Operations and logistics knowledge helps.

Ruta: Do a few shifts as a waiter through the agency to understand the operations and have your basic knowledge how the events are run.  

Parveen: Must be flexible with tasks as you’re never guaranteed no disruptions for other teams. Able to adapt to different personalities as there are people who like information a certain way. 

Livia: Participate in as many events as possible, whether as a guest or a staff member. Attending various events will help you understand how different types of gatherings work.

Rank in order of preference Sales / Planning / Marketing – and explain why

Krity: I have always and will always love the planning side of events, this has always and will always be my passion.

Marketing will be next as if has been great to understand how to market the venue and the power of marketing to increase sales.

Sales was always the part that I enjoyed and goes along with the planning and marketing as the art of negotiation is key.

Ruta: Marketing – With current online platform, you have the access to so many markets, and so many possibilities to reach people who never heard about our venue.

Planning – With good planning, you can have the repeat clients, creating successful events and growing their trust in us.

Sales – goes hand in hand with both points.

Parveen: Marketing – it’s just the perfect opportunity to be creative. Social media inside and outside work, i just love sharing moments of the venue and using them to entice clients.

Sales – after my first few months i have really enjoyed knowing how to communicate with clients it was such a scary thought to me at the start but after practice i naturally went from being stand-off ish and to being myself, showing excitement and confidence. Contracting and getting close to reaching a figure (the budget) every month is rewarding. 

Planning – This is also a very satisfying process, but stressful. Last minute changes are bound to happen and they sometimes aren’t evident until the time where the event happens. 

Livia: 1. Planning – Precision and careful consideration play a significant role, making planning a well-suited preference for my skills and working style. 2. Sales – While I value interpersonal skills, I find more enjoyment in the creative and organisational aspects of events. 3. Marketing involves spontaneity. Although I like being creative, I like to take my time.

With that, it’s a wrap for year one of The Gray’s Inn Venue Sales Team. We have thoroughly enjoyed assisting all our amazing clients with hosting many different events. Bring on 2024!

If you’re interested in hosting your upcoming event at Gray’s Inn, please email us on [email protected]