It’s Time to Q & A, Episode 2

An Interview with Krity Patel

Q – How long have you been working in the Events Industry?

A – In theory I started when I was 14 years old as a kitchen porter, in the days where dishwashers where scare. Nevertheless, I realised I wanted to work as an events manager in my second year of university, so officially from 20 years old – a mere 17 years ago.

Q – How has the events industry inspired you throughout the years to become the manager you are today?

A – I wanted to be able to hide behind the scenes and bring someone’s vision to life. To know you are a part of an experience that will be spoken about, is the true reward. I have made sure to carry every skill developed through my career and strived to enhance them and pass on my wisdom by training my team members. The decision to become a manager was never an aspiration, but I was encouraged to take this opportunity due to my ability to bring all departments together.

Q – Which event you have organised, has been the most impressive, and one you wished to have been a guest at?

A – I luckily had the opportunity to organise a live charity boxing and dinner event three times! Whilst I was running the food pass for dinner, I also arranged the boxing ring with the full installation in the middle of the auditorium.

Q – What are the most important elements when it comes to hosting conferences and meetings?

A – To gain the confidence and trust of the client.

Q – If you had no restrictions, what would be your dream event to organise?

A – I would love to have the opportunity to project manage a live performance concert in the O2 or a festival, like Glastonbury, whilst working with the best build and de-rig teams.

Q – What is what one thing you recommend avoiding, when it comes to hosting a conference or meeting?

A – Overspending on items that will not provide an impact or difference for the event. To also take previous events’ feedback into account, to ensure the guest experience is seamless and memorable.

Q – What are your interests outside of work and how do they relate to your event planning skills?

A – I love to dance, which only relates to work when you achieve a goal, resulting in you providing entertainment for your team, in form of a victory dance.

I love to eat and try new cuisines which helps with the menu and catering knowledge, especially when you push the chefs outside their boundaries with bespoke menus.

I love travelling which helps me to understand how some cultures work and their preferences at their events, understanding food palettes and catering requirements.

Q – What televised events do you look forward to watching every year and what do you learn from them?

A – The Oscars and National TV Awards. I do also like Bollywood Film Award Show, as you can always find a table or theme for the set ups, which can be used as inspiration for a future event. I dream about being able to produce the award shows in the future.

Q – How do you measure event success?

A – Event success can be found in the feedback and guests’ priceless expression; to be able to see the event running smoothly and successfully is the reward.

Q – What fun elements do you want to see at an event this Christmas season?

A – A new theme or entertainment which I have not heard of or seen… yet.

Q – What is your favourite thing about Gray’s Inn Venue

A – “The Hall cause it’s like Harry Potter”

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