Conferences at Gray’s Inn Venue

Meetings and Conference Spaces

The meeting and conference spaces in the South Square Building of Gray’s Inn offer numerous benefits for companies and organizations looking to host successful events resulting in productivity among delegates.

The modern rooms offer a light and airy environment which contributes to a more comfortable and pleasant meeting experience. This can be particularly advantageous for breakfast and lunch meetings, as it allows for closer collaboration and networking opportunities among attendees.

Gray’s Inn offers meeting spaces of different sizes to accommodate the needs of various events and group sizes. The Bingham Room, being more spacious, is ideal for larger groups such as seminars, lectures, and conferences. The convenience of the bigger space is that it allows for catering to be set up in the same space, eliminating the need for guests to go far for breakfast and lunch. This also provides ample room for delegates to network, connect and foster meaningful collaboration during tea and coffee breaks.

Taking that into consideration, it’s important to note that the smaller meeting spaces such as The Rose Heilbron, Holt, and Birkenhead Room are equally great and can create a more intimate and focused atmosphere for discussions, interaction, and smaller-scale meetings. They are ideal if you wish to work in a more concentrated setting.

With this, our availability of the necessary and up-to-date AV equipment in the meeting spaces ensures our guests to deliver presentations, engage with participants, and communicate effectively during the conference, which in turn ensures that the conference runs smoothly. Our high-speed Wi-Fi is also available throughout the venue, ensuring seamless communication and connectivity for all attendees.

Our professional support staff are on-site to ensure your conference runs smoothly. From setup and logistics to catering and refreshments, we have everything you need to make your conference a success.

Email our venue sales team your enquiry for further information on how to book your next best meeting – [email protected]