Christmas Parties at Gray’s Inn Venue

As Christmas rolls round, so do the corporate parties – the beginning of celebrating festivities and spreading the joy with colleagues. The annual Corporate Christmas party truly does end up being the highlight of the year.

The pillar to any festive event is setting the scene. Hosting Christmas celebrations in a historical venue which is immersed with tradition, character and grandeur allows you to produce a magical atmosphere for an event.

Here are our tips for planning your Christmas Corporate Parties in London:

Before you begin, set your Christmas Party budget. Allow yourself to understand what was spent in previous years along with feedback of the spendings. This will ensure you allocate the monies to the right parts for the planning process.

Christmas Party venues book up rapidly. Research into the venues you are considering in advance. Check venue’s availability, size and capacity. This will then allow you to shortlist your ideal venue options.

Dispatch your save the dates. There’s nothing worse than booking your venue without knowing how many guests are attending.

Parties often have a theme. You need to be made aware of restrictions, which a historical venue would have, that may restrain you from hosting your themed party if it is something you’re interested in. This will help you to plan your theme if it’s a focal part of your event.

Look into provided catering options on the day and ask what else the venue can provide. The traditional Christmas Roast Dinner is expected. See what other options the venue can provide. Possibly a buffet? Canapes? or Bowl food? These options could allow for more networking and freedom to roam around the space.

Always be open and honest about your final goals and expectations so that the venue can, with their expertise, help you bring to life the vision for your Christmas Party.

To find out more about how we organise your Christmas Party at the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn contact [email protected]. Our Venue Sales Team are skilled in bringing your vision to life.

Thank you to Liz Isles Photography for the beautiful images of Gray’s Inn Venue.